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    Karaman Plateaus

    Plateaus are an important part of life in Anatolian culture. Karaman is considered a paradise of plateaus with its unspoiled natural structure. In Karaman, you will find many plateaus where you can spend time in nature and enjoy fresh air; these are found in the Başyayla, Ermenek and Sarıveliler districts and in the villages of Bucakkışla, Taşkale, Çat and Berendi in Karaman centre. When you inhale the fresh air of these regions, you may detect the fragrant aroma of the local thyme species. 

    İncesu Cave

    İncesu Cave (İncesu Mağarası) is located 9 km south of Taşkale village which is in the Karaman city centre. The cave is on the eastern slopes of İncesu Creek. At 1,356 meters long, the cave is a natural wonder featuring stalactites, stalagmites, and travertine pools. The air in İncesu Cave, with its illuminated interior walkways, is believed to have a positive healing effect on conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, and heart diseases.

    Manazan Caves

    The Manazan Caves (Manazan Mağaraları) are located within the borders of Taşkale village, in the Karaman province. The caves consist of five levels of collective dwellings, all carved by hand into a high limestone rock mass to the north of Yeşildere Valley. It is believed that the caves were created and used in the Byzantine Period, in the 6th and 7th centuries, for the safety of their inhabitants and because the clayed limestone retains a consistent level of heat and humidity.

    Meraspolis Cave

    Meraspolis Cave (Meraspolis Mağarası), located in the Ermenek district of Karaman, has two entrance gates. The cave is located under the Ermenek Castle. One of the world's largest caves, the Meraspolis Cave is 196 meters long. The underground river in the cave supplies drinking water for the city and the surrounding towns. As well, the river provided the water that operated the hydroelectric power plant, which used to meet the electricity requirements of Ermenek and the surrounding villages for a long time.