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  • 48 hours

    in Karaman

    First Day

    After having a delicious breakfast, you can begin your first day in the city by exploring Karaman Castle in the Karaman city centre. Then, head to the Karaman Museum, which is within walking distance, and see the ethnographic and archaeological exhibits. The Hatuniye Madrasa is right next to the museum, and that can be your next stop. You can also visit Aktekke Mosque and the Yunus Emre Mosque, where the tomb (small mausoleum) of the great Turkish poet Yunus Emre is located, and then go to the Hürrem Dayı House, which is one of the most beautiful examples of Turkish architecture, and Tartanlar Mansion as well. You can take a lunch break and sample local dishes in any of the restaurants in the Karaman city centre and in other districts. After, you can go to Taşkale, 46 km from the city centre of Karaman, and see İncesu Cave, more than a kilometre long, along with the Manazan Caves and Taşkale Grain Storage.

    Second Day

    You can start your second day in the city by setting off from the city centre of Karaman to the Ermenek district. After arriving in the district, you can first stop by the Zeyve Bazaar, listen to the sound of water coming from the water mills and enjoy a moment of calm. If you are there during the summer, you can afterwards visit the Ermenek Dam for water sports. Head to the Tol Madrasa, within walking distance from the dam. Boost your energy by sampling the famous Ermenek Halva and Ermenek Bandırma (string of walnuts dipped in a boiling mixture of grape molasses, flour and starch) made from grape molasses.