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    Zeyve Bazaar

    With a history reaching back 600 years, the Zeyve Bazaar (Zeyve Pazarı) is a recreation area established on and around a stream separating the villages of İkizçınar and Yayla Pazarı, 26 kilometres from Ermenek district. Offering both authenticity and natural beauty, the recreation area attracts visitors to its 300 historical giant plane trees, cold waters, water mills and water line, and bungalow houses and daily accommodation options. In July, August and September, the local villagers sell homegrown vegetables and fruits in the bazaar; handicrafts unique to the region are also sold in this bazaar.


    The wild horses and sheep living around the Mahallaç Church in the Karadağ, Madenşehir-Değle Archaeological Sites, the crater pit, and Başdağ Castle offer unique opportunities for wildlife lovers and adventure enthusiasts. A wide variety of other wild animals also dwell in these areas. In the Ermenek district, you can also see the wild goats native to the region.

    Ermenek Dam

    Offering a range of activities for water sports enthusiasts, Ermenek Dam (Ermenek Barajı) has kayaking, boating, water bike, sailing and diving activities. The dam is located 160 kilometres from Karaman. Surrounded by lush greenery, the dam also features Nadire Canyon and Kumdan Canyon. Ermenek Dam is a natural wonder and delight with its turquoise water and picnic sites!